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Who are we, what do we do, what about the future?

Welcome to our blog where you can keep up to date on what's happening in Greyfield Wood and our community in a Covid safe way. You will find much more information via the links  in the drop down list (top right) where you can find a link to a membership form and news updates about the new management organisation along with short video blog of what's been happening in managing our lovely woodland. You can subscribe to this blog to get updates and you can contact us by   email We hope you find our blog interesting and you become a member of Greyfield Wood Community Interest Company. Greyfield Wood CIC directors, Mike, Ian, Vicki, Steve, Neil & John.
Recent posts

Videoblog: Scything

Brambles and ferns will quickly colonise once mature trees have been felled and the area lacking any canopy cover.   We use Scythes to manage these areas particularly to give saplings the best chance of becoming established. 

News: July '21

We are delighted to tell you that Greyfield Wood Community Interest Company, (CIC), has taken over the lease of Greyfield Wood from Beenham Investment Group Ltd, (BIG), who has managed the wood since 1995. The transfer took place on Monday 12th July 2021.  We are very grateful for the many donations from Beenham Parishioners and local businesses, as well as the support from Greenham Common Trust. It is those contributions which have enabled us in the CIC to acquire the lease from BIG. Beenham Investment Group Ltd has handed over the 37 acres of woodland in an excellent condition. This comes from the sterling efforts of its directors, ably assisted by volunteers and outside volunteer groups. The good forestry work will continue, particularly the replacement of the mature conifer plantations with broad leaf species. Three of the BIG directors have become founder directors of the CIC. This provides continuity and retention of knowledge. The other BIG directors have become life member

Our Identity Brand Mark

We have been very fortunate that talented designer David Moore was able to create our  brand identity. He is a regular visitor to Greyfield Wood and we think he has produced a fantastic depiction of what we are aiming to achieve.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Below is Dave's final concept statement for the branding. Chicken Wire Tubes and Natural Forms Branding Identity for Greyfield Wood CIC A constant reminder of the work and care going on in Greyfield Wood (even when the volunteers are absent) are the individual chicken wire guards surrounding saplings.  They stand out from the landscape like little markers saying “We were here”.  It says so much about the work and nurturing constantly in progress.  So, despite the apparent lack of aesthetic beauty, could this element be incorporated as part of the symbol?

Videoblog: Dealing with Ash Dieback

   Chalara Fraxinea (ash dieback) is widespread throughout Europe and is now common throughout England, the photo below show a healthy ancient  ash stool.    Scroll to the  arrow to see a slide show with commentary on how we are managing this fungal disease in Greyfield Wood.

News: April '21

Greyfield Wood CIC have now reached a major milestone in acquiring the lease of Greyfield Wood from Beenham Investment Group.  We have now raised the £12,000 needed to fund the transfer and have now closed our funding appeal webpage via The Good Exchange.  Our enterprise has been supported by Greenham Trust who match funded the first £5000 of donations. We also received a donation from Englefield Charitable Trust and a grant from Beenham Parish Council. Two local businesses have supported us with over £2000 of donations and we have received £2650 from local residents. We very much appreciate the very generous support  shown to our project by local charities, businesses and individuals. The directors of both companies are now busy preparing for the transfer and hope to be able to complete by early summer. Meanwhile, if you would like to become a member of Greyfield Wood Community Interest  Company  help us safeguard our woods for the future, please download application form from here

News: March '21

  For several years Beenham Investment Group (BIG) directors have been considering if the long term  management of Greyfield Wood would be better served by a different type of organisation, given our clear commitment to managing the woods as a community asset. On 23rd September 2020 Greyfield Wood Community Interest Company (the CIC) was incorporated at Companies House. We then set about forming a board of directors (three of which are also directors of BIG) to get the CIC up and running. Meanwhile the directors of BIG asked its shareholders for agreement to allow the transfer of the lease to the CIC, once the CIC was able to settle BIG's outstanding liabilities. BIG shareholders voted overwhelmingly in  favour of the transfer of the lease in January 2021 and BIG have brought back over 60% of the original shares issued 25 years ago at the original price of £1 per share. We knew there would be a shortfall in available cash and therefore launched a fund-raising  appeal, via The Good

Videoblog: Planting for the future

Replanting native broadleaf trees in former Conifer plantations is a key aim of our management plan, scroll to  arrow (below) to see a short slide show with a commentary.